Wheatberries are my new best friend

While I wish it weren’t so, sometimes I don’t have time to pack lunch.

Okay, okay.

That’s a lie.

Sometimes I am too LAZY to pack lunch.

There. I said it.

I want to be honest with all of you.

Anyway, when I get too lazy for lunch I often run into a serious problem. Almost everything down near my office is bad for you. It’s what you would expect of a touristy area, of course. McDonald’s. Burger King. Bubba Gump. Joe’s Crab Shack. Rainforest Cafe. Etc. There is a Subway, but, jeez, how many Subway sandwiches can a person eat? I like them, and I do eat there sometimes, but it gets old.

Luckily, there is another option for me. Trader Joe’s. Sometimes I buy real groceries, like potatoes…then I microwave one and top it with pico de gallo, greek yogurt and part skim Mexican blend cheese. Sometimes I buy edamame and yogurt. I used to buy a lot of their pre-made salads too. Having eaten all of the “healthy-ish” ones a zillion times, I haven’t gone that route in a while. On Monday of this week, however, I took a spin through that part of the store. It was crazy. There were salads I had never seen before! So for Monday’s dinner (I worked the closing shift), I settled on this one:



Wheatberry? Really? Hmm…

I’ll be honest, although I’ve read about wheatberries on KERF and other food blogs, I had never had one in my life. I stood there in the aisle debating whether or not I could hang with it, but in the end decided that I was going to be daring and try something new. It’s my motto these days. I never used to try anything new. I want to change that. So I grabbed this salad and another one, which I may talk about tomorrow, and brought them up to the counter.


Looks pretty good, huh?

Well, it was! Loved it! I ❤ you, wheatberries!


I ❤ you too, Hansen’s!

On a semi-related note, how many of you have a refrigerator at work for you to leave your food in? We have a full sized one here. The only problem I have with it is the fact that my co-workers have no respect. I left a sealed Trader Joe’s Orange Flavored Sparkling Water in the fridge on Monday. I was planning on having it today….and it’s open! Someone drank out of it! Since I don’t want to drink after a complete stranger, I’ve been forced to abandon it. While it’s true that I didn’t put my name on it, there are only 10 people working here. You’d think they’d know they didn’t buy the water, right? Oh well.

Have you ever experienced office based food theft? Did it give you the lunch time blues?

4 thoughts on “Wheatberries are my new best friend

  1. I love wheatberries! The Whole Foods salad bar often has a citrus-wheatberry salad that I’m crazy about. It has goat cheese, dried cranberries, toasted nuts, and some other tasty fillings in it.

    Bummer about your sparkling water! Fortunately we don’t have a food theft problem where I work 🙂

  2. I’ve have that same salad from TJ’s and I loved it.
    As far as office based food theft goes… it is a problem at my work. So irritating! I label everything now. Some people. What must they be thinking?? “I didn’t purchase this or inquire about the owner of this food/drink, but I’ll go ahead and consume it anyway.” WTH.

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