Lookie Mom, I’m a Real Runner

Whenever I picture someone running a race, I always have the same picture in my head. I see them sprinting towards the finish line. Sweat flying off of their face in every direction. Muscles tense. Pain evident in their expression. And a big giant number on their shirt.

For some reason, the bib is the thing that means race most in my mind and I was pretty disappointed when I didn’t get to wear one in my first 5K. Since I did my first race in a low key, running club race environment, there were no bibs, but instead, we had tickets:

IMG_0446.JPG IMG_0447.JPG

The tickets had our names, age and gender on them. We safety pinned them to our person someplace, and then after we crossed the finish line, someone took the bottom portion of the ticket. At first I pinned mine to the front of my shirt, but since it was windy out, I decided to pin it to my waistband, in hopes of keeping it from flying away while I was running.

(See, I am totally a real woman. Look at my muffin top! I’m sending out muffin top love to all of you out there! <3)

Sure, the ticket method was okay, but I longed for the day I could be considered a real runner. When I could sprint towards the finish line, sweat rolling off of my face….down onto my BIB!

Well, the day is fast approaching!

On Saturday evening I came home from work to find only one piece of mail in my mailbox. Can you guess what it was?






Lookie, Mom! I’m a real runner!!

The Komen Race for the Cure is this Sunday, and I am pretty jazzed about it. The course is one that I’ve run on my own for fun, though admittedly, I’ve never done it without stopping for a walking break. It starts near the Ferry Building, you run the Embarcadero down to AT&T Park, run across the 3rd street bridge, the turn around is on the other side, then it is back to the Ferry Building. I don’t have any goals about my time, really. I’m still very new to running and my goals are more aligned with running the whole race without stopping than they are with getting down to an impressive time. That being said, I’d like to beat the PR of 33:17, which I set at the Marina Green 5K, but, if I don’t beat it, it’s no big deal. There is always another race.

I am also excited about getting a t-shirt. I don’t know why, but the idea of a race t-shirt really makes me want to jump up and down.

I am a total nerd.

A nerd who should probably get up and get some running in!

Do you remember your first race bib? What was your number? Was it lucky?

6 thoughts on “Lookie Mom, I’m a Real Runner

  1. 2027 for same day registration at the TELL 5k. My first race didn’t have a bib either, just paper wristbands. That and no official time were a bit of a disappointment, but in retrospect I see the benefits of a more relaxed first race. It’s a little less scary and makes you appreciate those things more afterwards.

  2. Aw! I feel like we’re kindred newbie runner spirits! I did my 2nd 5K (but my first was like 2 years ago) this past Saturday. I do love getting the bib and race tshirt! It’s the best part (and the sense of accomplishment.) Keep up the good work! Just cause you wore a ticket instead of bib, doesn’t make you any less of a runner!

    Check out my post about my recent race!

    1. Yay! Newbie runners make me feel happy. Seems like almost everyone out there is running crazy distances and I’m huffing and puffing over a couple of miles! 😉

      Yes! My bib is so awesome…I can’t wait for the shirt. I don’t get it until race day. My ticket wasn’t bad though. I also got a ribbon. It was full of awesome.

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