The Secrets of the Bagel Shop

Today, I ran out of yogurt. Well, technically, YESTERDAY I ran out of yogurt. This meant that I could not enjoy my typical granola bowl for breakfast this morning. I decided that I would allow myself to have a bagel. I love bagels, you see. Garlic ones. With cream cheese, tomatoes, cucumbers, sprouts and avocado. I love them perhaps a little too much. There was a period in there where I was seeking out the perfect bagel every morning. I couldn’t help it. Bagels are delicious.

I wasn’t in the mood for a “fancy” bagel today. Just something simple. For this reason, I skipped going to the cafe that serves my favorite bagel combo and instead just went to the local bagel shop. The bagel shop’s bagels are very tasty, but not the best. No matter. I didn’t need the best. I just needed breakfast.

I placed my order and then it occurred to me that I had my camera in my purse and if I was a good blogger, I would take a few pictures. I tried to take a picture of the available bagels box, but unfortunately, it was a little humid in there and the box seemed a little “steamy”:


I then tried to take a picture of the cream cheese/toppings counter when an employee with a heavy accent gruffly told me, “It’s not allowed!” I shrugged and put my camera away. Truth be told, I didn’t understand why pictures wouldn’t be allowed. I wasn’t taking pictures of the lady making my bagel. I wasn’t taking pictures of the menu. Of the front of the establishment. Of anything except for bagels and cream cheese. I didn’t notice a sign forbidding me from taking pictures either. I mean, there COULD be a sign in there someplace, but I haven’t noticed it. I could understand if this restaurant was really popular and had amazing, scrumptious delights that they were concerned would be stolen by competing establishments.

Kind of like what happened when Slugworth stole confectionary secrets from Willy Wonka:



**In case you haven’t seen the Gene Wilder version of the movie, this guy turned out not to be Slugworth, but instead one of Mr. Wonka’s own employees who was helping him figure out who really was the child who deserved his factory. Just pretend it really is Slugworth, okay?**

As far as I can tell, this bagel shop’s secrets consist of:


Bagels, your choice of cream cheese…


…and tomatoes for an extra $0.50.

Have there ever been restaurants or businesses that rained on your picture taking plans?

6 thoughts on “The Secrets of the Bagel Shop

  1. The monster bagel I had in NYC is on my mind now. I love a good, hearty, freshly baked bagel. Mmmm!

    I don’t understand the photo taking thing either. I’ve been stopped at Trader Joe’s before (too bad I’ve gotten many photos of the inside before) I think it just depends on the store? I’ve heard WFs doesn’t allow it either but I’ve gotten photos there too. I think it’s great advertising!

    1. Bagels are the best! I can’t believe when I went to NYC I didn’t have one! It almost seems like a crime!

      I think it’s good for business too, but whatever. Their cream cheese wasn’t all that photogenic anyway!

  2. i got yelled at not to take pictures in Forever 21. how strange, right? it’s like good for business! oh wells. sorry they leapt on you like that!

    1. In Forever 21? Jeez.

      Aside from my bagel shop situation, I also got yelled at when on vacation in Hollywood once. I was only like, 11, so I thought yelling at me for taking a photo in a knickknack shop was pretty lame.

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