The most important meal of the day

Well it is my “Monday” again.

It is always really strange to walk into this place because everyone else is a Monday-Friday worker. Since they have normal schedules, by the time I show up all bright eyed and bushy tailed, ready to tackle my work week, they have already surrendered. My cheerful, “Good Morning!” or “How’s it going?” statements are met with looks of hatred and disdain. They have their eyes set on getting through to the weekend so they can go home, have a beer and forget about this place. I, on the other hand, am fresh from my days off and I still have yet to get that, broken, hollow feeling that comes from several days of being on the clock.

I started my day off at my desk, as usual, with breakfast:


Standard mix: Plain yogurt, 1 banana, cubed orange honeydew melon


Coffee + Smidge of milk

Yes, I know, my work breakfasts are boring. But unlike the other times I’ve shared them, this time I had a camera that works, and everything!

I also fed the same (sans coffee) to my office mate, Peter. He has this nasty habit of not eating. Ever. Then around 10:45am he becomes a rabid beast, unable to control his behavior. He yells, screams and pitches fits. He has trouble completing tasks. It’s ugly. And all due to not eating properly. I’ve told him a million times, “Peter, you get up and drink coffee in the morning….why not fry up an egg, eat a yogurt or make some toast so that your blood sugar doesn’t tank and turn you into Mr. Hyde? His response: “I have a toaster….”

So as a public service to those around us, I bring him in breakfast. Whatever I’m eating, he eats too. Most of the time it is granola and yogurt, though I’ve brought in potatoes and turkey bacon, whole wheat blueberry pancakes, breakfast burritos, bagels with avocado and tomato. He’s always very grateful and significantly more personable.

Peter is a lesson to us all: Breakfast really IS the most important meal of the day!



Our office pals agree!

Lastly, before I head back into the professional world, I leave you with something that will drive you absolutely insane. I tried to go to bed last night, but I received an e-mail just before I shut down my computer. An IQ test. No, no. I don’t have time for that kind of nonsense. I need sleep! Oh, but ok. It shouldn’t take long. 2 HOURS later, I had 27 out of 33 right, but I couldn’t get the rest of the answers. It is still bothering me. How many can you get? Find out here: Intelligence Test, Part I

I haven’t been able to even get myself to consider Part II yet…

3 thoughts on “The most important meal of the day

  1. Too funny!! What type of work do you do? The yogurt actually looks great but when I look for the “perfect” yogurt, they all seem to have way to much sugar:(

    1. I work in tourism, hence the need for me to work on the actual weekends and take my days off in the middle of the week.

      This yogurt is just plain old store brand plain. It’s typically what I use if I’m going to make a “granola bowl”. If I’m going to do something where the yogurt flavor is going to come out, then I have to use something better.

      Yeah, a lot of yogurt brands do have a lot of sugar. Guess you either have to shop around, or make your own!

      I, will shop around! 😉

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