Eating my way through a CSA box

Good morning!

An unfortunate problem I have with my “weekends” is that during the first day, I can never seem to sleep in. My body is on its “get up and go” schedule. Unfortunately, my brain is nowhere to be seen. Time for coffee!


The San Francisco Community Music Center is a wonderful organization. I studied clarinet and musical theory on scholarship at the Capp St. location for several years as a kid–and I loved every minute of it! They provide low cost, sliding scale tuition and their staff is top notch. The Capp St. campus is housed in a lovely Victorian house and music flows out onto the street from its open windows. It’s really amazing. If you live in the area and have ever been interested in studying music, check them out. It doesn’t matter if you’re young or old…music is ageless!

I got this mug for volunteering for CMC’s 75th Birthday celebration…so that was like…what…14 years ago?! Mercy! I can’t believe that it was so long ago. I also can’t believe I’ve managed to keep track of this mug for that many years…

My cat, Cosie, did not appreciate me trying to capture my CMC mug in the proper light. She decided to sit on my arm in protest:



So as I wrote last week, I received a great haul of produce from Greenhearts Family Farm. I’ve been slowly working through all of the food, but it is a lot for just one person. I’ve shared some with co-workers and I think I can handle the rest myself, but I realize that I could never use a weekly delivery. There’d be rotting produce coming out of my ears, and that is definitely not what I want to have! I’m thinking of perhaps ordering a box every other week. The box seems to have the right amount of produce for about 2 weeks. The things that have a shorter shelf life I can eat right away or freeze, then other things, like onions and what not, will have no problem lasting. Maybe with a few supplemental stops at the farmer’s market on the odd weeks for fruit, I think an every other week schedule would really suit my needs and $66/mo doesn’t seem at all bad for a month’s worth of produce.

One thing about having so much produce is that there is an intense urge to use it. Enjoy it. Savor it. So everything I’ve eaten for the last week has come from within that magical box.


Now this was supposed to be an incredibly photogenic omelet, but I unfortunately screwed up at folding it and decided to just turn it into a scrambled mess. Yes! My amazing cooking skills at work, once again!

My scrambled mess includes: egg whites, eggplant, red and green bell peppers, onions, baby spinach, and mexican shredded cheese (just a little!). It is topped with a dollop of Fage greek yogurt and some Trader Joe’s Avocado Salsa Verde…I love that stuff. I also had a Thomas’ Everything Bagel Thin with some honey.

Time for me to do laundry, wash dishes and get all of my chores done….because tonight is BASEBALL night!

Giants v. Dodgers!


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