Alexa, you take really ugly pictures

Now, if you have read my blog, you probably have had this thought cross your mind:

“I like this chic. She’s pretty cool, and she has fantabulous taste in shoes. However, what is with this woman’s pictures?! They’re HORRIBLE! Doesn’t she have eyes? Doesn’t she see how bad this all really is? How does she have the nerve to put this crap up on the internet? I mean, really…”

Ok. You’ve probably not put as much thought into me and my sad, sad pictures. But I have.

I have a real camera. It is a Canon PowerShot SD600. I got it for Christmas in 2007, and it has been a really nice camera. I’m a casual photographer, so really, I don’t need huge lenses and all sorts of fancy pants features. Frankly, “real” cameras freak me out, as I don’t understand how they work. At all. At any rate, it isn’t a bad camera, but it is a few years old now. It’s getting slow. It’s only a 6.0 megapixel. Point and shoot cameras have advanced a bit since it came out. Despite this, of course, it still beats the crap out of the sad camera I have on my iPhone 3GS.

So of course you’re wondering: Then why aren’t you taking the pictures for your blog with your REAL camera then, stupid?!

Because I really am stupid, I lost the cord. Oops.

You see, I lent my camera to my friend when he went on his annual vacation to Michigan. When he came back, he wanted his pictures (duh), and I didn’t want them on my computer, so I brought the cord to work so I could burn him a disc with his photos on it. Somehow, though I don’t know how, the cord got misplaced. It isn’t at home. It isn’t at work. It is nowhere. Sadness.

So I know I could’ve bought a replacement, but I started thinking. Mmmm. New camera! Problem is that I’m broke. So, no new camera. I went back in forth in my head for awhile, trying to decide if I could justify upgrading and shoving the expense on a credit card. The whole time, I kept hoping I would instead, find the missing cord. Well, time has passed. I can’t justify the expense and I haven’t found the cord. I brought my camera with me today, so I can hit up Radio Shack and get a new cable.

But since I’m here, on a break, playing with my camera (and my work’s camera happens to be a Canon with the same cord), let me introduce you to my office buddies:

IMG_2023 IMG_2028 IMG_2032

IMG_2029 IMG_2035 IMG_2037


The froggies, Cowboy ducky, turtles, and teddy bears…

IMG_2039 IMG_2042

Mr. Owl and the penguins….

IMG_2041 IMG_2043

And their toys….

I work at a weird, weird place. It’s true.

I’m writing this on Windows Live Writer, btw, and it blows all of the editors I’ve tried out of the water. How I HATE when Microsoft does something right. I have got to find an option for the Mac that isn’t awful, or I will be forced to install XP on my baby…just for Live Writer….boy….

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