For the past four hours, I have been watching coverage of the natural gas explosion that has resulted in a huge fire in San Bruno, CA. The devastation is unbelievable. Over 50 homes destroyed and over 100 damaged…at least 1 fatality and many injured. These counts are early, as the fire is still burning.

I lived in San Bruno for about 10 years, and while I think my former residence is in an area that I believe to be safe, the whole thing is just heartbreaking to me. So many people are without homes tonight. They have been left with nothing but the shirt on their backs.

My prayers are with them.

Gas-line blast in San Bruno – neighborhood burns

San Bruno explosion and fire destroys dozens of homes; one dead, many injured

Blood Center Calls for Donations in San Bruno Blast, Fire Wake

4 thoughts on “Heartbreaking

  1. wow, i’m really sorry. i really hope they’re doing something quickly about it! it’s good that you’re alive and well!!

    1. Well, I don’t actually live in San Bruno anymore…but I used to, and because I know the area that burned down, know the streets the news anchors are talking about and have a personal connection to it, it just hits me very hard.

      Thanks for your comment though…and it is always good to be thankful about being live and well!

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