The Woes of a New Blogger

I have blogged before. I have a blog on my SparkPage (which I hardly ever update…) and I had a LiveJournal for YEARS. I think I even had something on…what was it…Diaryland? Something like that? Yeah, I had a blog on whatever that service was back in high school. I’ve done the blogging thing.

But apparently not recently enough to not make really dumb mistakes!

First off, I must tell you that what I hear is correct: ecto sucks! I mean, really, really sucks. I wrote several posts using my trial version and they went just fine. Then I decided it was time to tackle some additional pages, as it was pretty “jenky” when they were blank during my soft opening of this site yesterday. I decided to first write about my weight loss story, as it is a pretty pivotal moment in my life. I wrote the most thoughtful version of my story as I could muster. Spell checked, proof read and then tried to preview. The preview was blank. I didn’t understand. I went back to the page and hit publish. I went to my site. ecto had in fact published a page. A BLANK page! I go back and check the entry in the program and it too is blank! What?! 90 minutes of work. Gone.

I felt absolutely frustrated. I really wanted to finish the page today, but I was too agitated to try again. I decided to nix my plan of the gym and to just go for my normal run in the Panhandle to blow off some steam. My legs felt very heavy. I took walking breaks and my pace was slow, but it certainly helped my mood. I showered and had a snack:

I placed an order with the GloBakery recently and I had been really looking forward to trying out this flavor.


I really liked it. The marshmallows were such a welcome texture in a bar. I wish I had more of these, but alas, there was only one in my Summer Variety Pack.


I had it with a glass of water, as I was pretty thirsty after my run. I had the water in my Tokyo Disneyland glass that I got when visiting Japan in 2008.

If you’re wondering about why everything is shot in front of my alarm clock, it’s because I live in a studio and am seriously lacking in surfaces and dining space. Most meals, unfortunately, are eaten while sitting on my futon!

After my snack, I felt greatly rejuvenated. I figured it was time to attempt my weight loss story page for a second time. I wrote a new version, perhaps even better than the first. I felt really happy with the project and was so looking forward to posting it. I decided to click over to the HTML view so I could copy it and paste it into a Text document before trying to publish, thinking I could save myself from losing my work again. I click over to the HTML view, and there is NOTHING. What?! How could there be nothing?! I click back to regular view and low and behold: NOTHING. ecto ate my page. AGAIN. And I was stupid and hadn’t written the text elsewhere, so my text was lost AGAIN!


By this time another couple of hours has passed and I was starving, so I took a meal break:


I cut up 1 Trader Joe’s Basil Pesto Smoked Chicken and Turkey Sausage, browned it in a pan, then poured in two servings of egg whites. I also threw the very last of my feta in there too. Served with a Thomas’ Everything Bagel Thin, spread with one wedge of Laughing Cow Garlic & Herb cheese. Highly tasty. Very filling.I would have preferred to have some spinach or tomatoes in the mix, but alas, since I scrapped my gym/farmer’s market trip due to my first ecto disaster, I had no produce. Sadness.

Then it was time to tackle the page again. This time I was much smarter. I wrote the entire entry in Text to start with, saving frequently. Then I downloaded a trial of MacJournal. It unfortunately wasn’t very powerful and was certainly not the tool I needed. I ended up just editing the HTML myself, afterall, nothing on here is very challenging. It had been awhile since I had edited HTML though, so I had to refresh myself a bit. At any rate, I FINALLY got the page up. Huzzah!

Then I rewarded myself:


I had a few bottles in the fridge from a friend’s visit last week. Anchor Steam is a San Francisco beer, and my typical beer of choice. A well deserved treat after such a frustrating technology day!

I certainly want to find an editor that is better than ecto or MacJournal. I know that Windows Live Writer is the standard, but I’m sorry, I am an Apple person. I do not like PCs. My mac never gets a virus. My mac never mysteriously dies for no apparent reason. My MacBook Pro is one of my very favoritest things. Why does no one make an adequate editor for it? The last thing I want to have to do to my “baby” is install Windows XP through BootCamp just to run LiveWriter. Any mac users out there have a suggestion?

Oh well. That’s enough of this stuff for now. Currently, I’m just sitting around, watching the Food Network and debating a little “Star Trek: The Next Generation”. What can I say? I’m a geek.

4 thoughts on “The Woes of a New Blogger

    1. They really are yummy! I wish that they weren’t coming from Canada though. Makes the shipping a little pricey. Of course, I really liked that s’mores bar…I may splurge again regardless of price. Oops! 😉

    1. Macs are EASY to use. Easier than PCs. A lot of the commands are similar…like keyboard shortcuts for cut, paste, copy, close window, save, select all….all of those are pretty much the same. It’s just that macs are more stable, reliable, intuitive, and in my opinion, sexy! 😀

      Ecto, however, is not easy, reliable, intuitive or sexy. Fail. 😦

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